I just wanted to tell you again how much I love the fence! I came in town this week and am staying at a friend's house across the street.  Every time I go over to my house, I just stare at the fence. It makes me smile, it makes me proud, it makes me feel at ease. Not sure how you did it, but the fence emanates positive energy. The fence is not only the best part of the whole house but working with you was such a pleasure.


Thank you again for not only a lovely friendly happy fence, but the opportunity to work with you!



Seattle, WA

It needs to be said that you seem to possess a creative vision that always makes us both say, "Of course, yes, that's exactly right."  Not just your vision but how you talk about your vision.


Aviva, Tucson, AZ

Your work is wonderful.  You are a free spirit letting inspiration take you wherever it needs to go.  I wish I could see all of your work and I hope others in this neighborhood come to know you...


...As you continue to design more and more, I believe you too will become a Tucson treasure...


...I like it that you can move easily from abstract to realistic designs...


Pat C.

Tucson, AZ